Vet Verified Information

DOG-E offers Vet Verified Information (VVI).  This means accredited vets will give professional information on a wide range of subjects.

Connect To Your Vet

DOG-E gives you the ability to book appointments with your local vets and create custom medicine reminders all at the touch of a button.

New Dog Information

Our app provides consolidated, correct information regarding new & existing dog ownership. Whats the best breed for your work habits & lifestyle?



DOG-E shortens the process between you and your vets making communication easier than ever.

It gives you precise information on new dog ownership and answers all the questions you could have.  Whether you have owned a dog for years or are totally new to it, DOG-E has all the information you could and will ever need.

Our aim is to give you the best life with your best friend.

Connect with your Community

Find dog walkers, meet ups, play dates, dogsitters, all around your local area with DOG-E's Community feature!

Coupon and Offer Alerts

If the food you use, or your Vet Practice has any offers on, you'll be the first to know with our Offer Alerts feature.

Help Charities

We advertise the needs of Pet Charities.  You'll find featured pets, volunteer requests and much more in our Charities section.

Meet the Team

Katie & Lucy met at University in 2010. From then they planned on taking the world by storm together. The inspiration for Dog-E came to them in 2016 when Lucy’s family got their first dog, Duffy Moon, a golden labrador. After a long chat in the pub we discovered there was a gap in the market for consolidated and concise new dog information.

...and so DOG-E was born.


Katie Bell


Katie Bell is a 3D Visualiser working for a Danish company in Edinburgh having studied Graphics and Animation in Aberdeen.  She is passionate about traveling, and has worked and lived in the USA for a period of time.  When she isn’t buying geeky memorabilia, she is either playing the guitar or watching Scotland play rugby.  She is still waiting for the call to join the Justice League!

Duffy 30

Duffy Moon

Inspiration & Good Girl

Duffy Moon is two years old and enjoys long walks at the beach and fetching sticks, though she does not enjoy giving up said stick...She is always ready for a belly rub and giving sloppy kisses. Duffy’s favourite snack is peanut butter and banana!


Lucy Wright


Lucy Wright is a Graphics & Media Developer based in Aberdeen. Her time at the Robert Gordon University earned her a 1st Class Degree in Graphics and Animation. When she isn’t glued to her computer screen (or her Xbox), she spends her time playing with her dog, Duffy Moon. Lucy is also an aspiring star baker and amatuer knitter! She is still waiting for the call to join the Avengers!


Vet Practice and want to use our app?

Pet owner and want your Vet Practice to use us?

Get in touch! Email us below, and mention the name of your vet practice and will get right on it!